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The following links will take you to training articles that will, hopefully, help you train your new puppy to be the "Perfect" dog.  I would suggest reading as many as possible as you will probably pick up at least one good idea from each article.  If possible, I also suggest reading a number of training books as well.  (Check out my Reading Materials page for suggestions.) 

These articles and the information provided are my personal training suggestions, not iron-clad rules.  This information is presented for informational purposes only and is not intended to solve serious temperament or aggression issues.  You should always consult your veterinarian and/or an animal behavioral specialist if your dog has behavioral problems. 

Remember to always use your own best judgment when training your dog.  Try to keep training sessions short for young puppies, keep realistic goals in mind and NEVER punish your dog unless you catch him "in the act."  Good luck and be sure to share your suggestions and success stories!

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