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New Puppy Supply List


The following list of supplies will help you get organized and prepared BEFORE you bring home your new puppy home!


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  • Puppy food - Pro Plan Chicken & Rice puppy food or Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy food.
  • Puppy treats - Iams Puppy Biscuits, Bil-Jac Liver Treats or Freeze-Dried Liver (keep treats small in size as you will be using them constantly to reward the puppy’s good behavior during training).
  • Food & Water bowls - preferably Spaniel bowls to help keep ears out of food and water.  Spaniel bowls may be too tall for very young pups, so if necessary start with some smaller non-tip bowls.
  • Placemat to catch food and water messes -look for a pet mat with a lip to catch water.
  • Safe toys - knotted rope bones, Kong, Nylabones, rubber balls.   
  • Crate/Kennel - buy the adult dog size .  Minimum for Cockers approx. 24L x 18W x 21H.
  • Crate pad and/or dog bed - crate bedding should be washable.  All bedding should be non-toxic and as chew-proof as possible.
  • Puppy Pads or litterbox and dog litter - generally only recommended for those that cannot take a dog outside.
  • Baby gate and/or x-pen - use ONLY after the dog is on a schedule and has learned to potty outside.  Allows you to keep the puppy close without a leash or being held, but the dog must be reasonably trustworthy and constantly supervised.  Letting the dog have accidents in the kitchen or utility room just because it's tile is NOT going to help get the dog trained!!
  • Harness & Collar - Harness for walking, collar for tags
  • Leash
  • Puppy ID tag
  • Canine nail clippers (Ask your breeder or groomer  to show you how to trim your puppy’s nails.)
  • Shampoo - #1 All Systems, Espree or Bio-Groom products
  • Pro-Line Self Rinse Plus - "Dry" shampoo.  For quick clean-up (of the dog!) if there's a potty accident in the crate or if the pup needs to be "freshened up" but there's no time for a real bath. 
  • Pet cologne - I like the imitation "Giorgio" by Top Performance!   
  • Ear cleaner and/or ear drying powder.  Check ear care article for ingredients for home-made recipe.
  • Soft, slicker brush for puppies or universal slicker for older petdogs
  • Pin brush
  • Fine tooth comb
  • Adam's Flea & Tick Mist - to repel pests (mosquitos, fleas, ticks, lice, mites) when walking and/or when in contact with other dogs and to kill any parasites you may find on your puppy.
  • Pooper Scooper
  • Nature's Miracle Carpet stain and odor remover
  • Bitter Apple spray to deter chewing
  • Puppy/dog training information - books, videotapes internet articles, information from your breeder.
  • File, notebook or scrapbook to hold current puppy/dog photos, medical history, vaccination records and other information about your pet.  This is vitally important if your puppy should get lost.  It's a good idea to keep "before" grooming and "after" grooming pictures of your dog so that you have a picture to show what he may look like with and without being groomed.  If you have your dog microchipped or tattooed, keep this information in your file as well.

For older puppies or adult dogs you should also pick up:

  • Conditioner - #1 All Systems Botanical Conditioner (comes in color enhancing formula too), #1 All Systems Humectant Oil and Conditioner (for extra conditioning or to put show coats "in oil").
  • Spray-on coat conditioner for brushing long coats - Crown Royale Condition Plus, The Stuff, #1 All Systems Coat Protector & Enhancer.
  • Long-toothed, undercoat rake - useful for really getting down to the skin when grooming long, thick coats. 
  • Mat splitter - single blade splitter to help release severely tangled hair so it can be brushed through.


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